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Hellenic Colony "Emporio" in Spain 13/06/2012

In collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes and the Hellenic American Union the Hellenic Roots Association organized the presentation “The city of Emporium, on the Iberian Peninsula, the Greek gateway of Greek civilization to Spain”. The presentation was given by Eusebi Ayensa Prat of the Instituto Cervantes. He is a Hellenist and a translator. He carried out his university studies of Classical Literature at the University of Barcelona, specializing in ancient Greek language and he is a Doctor of Romanesque Literature at the same University. He has participated in various collective editions, among them a collection of studies, that has been published in 2005, from the “Supreme Council of Scientific Research” (CSIC), in Madrid, in commemoration of the 550 years from the Fall of the city of Constantinople. He has translated into the Catalan language an Anthology of Greek Demotic Songs, with the title “Greek Ballades”. As from 2006 he is a member of the Royal Academy of Letters of Barcelona, and he has received, at this same year, from the International Union of Genealogy and Heraldry, the international prize “Delenda”, for his whole scientific work, in relation to medieval and modern Greece. 

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